Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tahrir Tom's 'Sage' Advice

Oh, no! Someone let Thomas L. Friedman return to the scene of his "Arab Spring" gushing--and this predictably blinkered, imbecilic pontification ensues:
Being back in Cairo reminds me that there are two parties in this region that have been untouched by the Arab Spring: the Israelis and the Palestinians. Too bad, because when it comes to ossified, unimaginative, oxygen-deprived governments, the Israelis and Palestinians are right up there with pre-revolutionary Egypt and Tunisia. I mean, is there anything less relevant than the prime minister of Israel going to the U.S. Congress for applause and the leader of the Palestinians going to the U.N. — instead of to each other?       
Both could actually learn something from Tahrir Square. To the Palestinians I would say: You believe the Israelis are stiffing you because they think they have you in box. If you resort to violence, they will brand you terrorists. And if you don’t resort to violence, the Israelis will just pocket the peace and quiet and build more settlements. Your dilemma is how to move Israel in a way that won’t blow up in your face or require total surrender.
Actually, Tom, their "dilemma" is the same as it's always been: how to move Israel's Jews toward the direction of the sea--so as to drown them once and for all. Sorry if that conflicts with your "Spring" frenzy, but reality, as they say, is a bee-yotch.

Update: David French writes:
In every way that really matters, Israel’s war is our war, and our war is Israel’s war...
Yet again and again we treat the “Israeli-Palestinian” conflict as if it is separate and apart from our own war against jihadists. We tell ourselves that Israel’s conflict can be solved by the right signatures on the right pieces of paper when we hold no similar illusions for our own wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There, we understand that the only prelude to real peace is victory over the jihadists. But when it comes to the Israelis, president after president — Republican and Democrat — works to stay Israel’s hand...

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