Sunday, May 29, 2011

'"Whenever I saw him, I hid. I hated to see him," Tahani (in pink) recalls of the early days of her marriage to Majed, when she was 6 and he was 25'

Just one of several creepy, pedophilic "love stories" in National Geographic's photo gallery of child brides around the world.


Carlos Perera said...

Yes, the practice of taking little girls as . . . brides . . . is a stomach-turning perversion that violates deep-seated sexual taboos in the West . . . but if I had to bet on whether or not this heinous practice shall eventually be "mainstreamed" into our multiculturally receptive neo-Western societies, I would bet that it shall. Within my own lifetime, I have seen the mainstreaming of elective abortion and homosexual sodomy, practices that were subject to severe taboos, including criminal sanctions, to the extent that they are now explicitly protected by law and even endorsed by many school systems from pre-school on. Mores can always be made to seem arbitrary, unreasonable, even irrational (though they are invariably replaced by someone's alternative or anti-mores). We have already seen the thin edge of the wedge start to make its way between the gates of Western Civilization's citadel, in the form of articles in psychology journals; indeed, only the valiant efforts of the much-maligned "Doctor Laura" Schlessinger repelled--for the moment--its thrust in the U. S. Anything that undermines the fundamental natural unt of society, the family, is likely to be promoted by our Leftist intelligentsia.

scaramouche said...

I think you're spot on there, CP. In fact, I'd say that instead of making us sick to our stomachs, these photo galleries intend to get us used to the idea of "different" cultures having "different" norms of behaviour re marriage--and viva la difference!