Monday, December 19, 2011

America Still a Hotbed of Clueless Jews

Jonathan Tobin writes:
On Friday afternoon, President Obama received a hero's welcome when he spoke to the biennial convention of the Union of Reform Judaism. Approximately 5,000 Reform Jews gave Obama almost as many standing ovations as Congress gave Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this past spring. But though the coverage of the speech has focused primarily on the president's repeat of his boasts that he is the most pro-Israel president in history, it should be understood that the bulk of the address did not touch on the Middle East.  
Rather, the main focus of his remarks was a compendium of liberal positions on domestic issues intended to draw cheers from an audience that, while still concerned with Israel's security, was far happier hearing talk about higher taxes, defense of entitlements and the class warfare rhetoric Obama has been rehearsing since the start of the debt-ceiling crisis this past summer.   
Those seeking to analyze the possibility of a shift in the Jewish vote as Obama seeks re-election know that the president's often-antagonistic relationship with the State of Israel could cost him next November. Polls and special elections such as the one in New York's 9th Congressional district last September have showed that there are enough swing Jewish voters who will be influenced by this issue to give Democrats something to worry about. 
But though the minority of Jews who can be swayed by concerns about Israel is not inconsiderable, it is nonetheless true that Obama is almost certain to win a majority of the Jewish vote in 2012 no matter what happens to Israel on his watch. And the applause Obama garnered on Friday afternoon when speaking to this conclave of the largest Jewish denomination in this country provides the evidence for that conclusion...
The notion that American Jews are prone to a "dual loyalty" is patently aburd. Clearly, most U.S. Jews are leftist, first and foremost.


Carlos Perera said...

A big part of the explanation for the fawning behavior of the URJ convention crowd is the unrequited love affair that the many American Jews have with blacks. Like an emotionally abused wife who clings to the illusion that her husband still _really_ loves her deep inside, and that the honeymoon can be rekindled if she just keeps on demonstrating her own love for him, a great proportion of American Jews harken back to the heady, romantic days of the Civil Rights Movement, when idealistic young Jews marched with young blacks to demand social justice for the latter. . . .

Well, that was then; now, black Americans are easily the most anti-Semitic segment of the U. S. population. I can't remember the last time I heard an anti-Semitic remark from a white American, but I often overhear anti-Semitic remarks from the black employees of the Southern school system for which I work.

Blacks are particularly vitriolic where the especial U. S.-Israeli relationship is concerned; for one thing, they have extravagant notions as to just how much money the U. S. gives to Israel in military aid (which, in most blacks' view should rightly be going for more public subsidies for themselves); for another, they have largely bought into the Leftist "narrative" of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which the Israelis are racist honkies denying the "colored" Palestinians their rights . . . a sort of Middle Eastern version of the American Civil Rights Struggle. (Too bad these black anti-Semites remain oblivious to the casual and deeply-ingrained Arab racism against blacks . . . but that's a different story.)

Who can fathom the perversity and self-destructiveness of some human minds?

scaramouche said...

What a piece of work is man--and not in a good way.

It's amazing how successful the pro-Palestinian propaganda has been (a marvel of social marketing, really) at positioning Israel's Jews as the racist honkies/coloniolist interlopers. If even Condoleezza Rice could fall for it--she saw the Palestinians as not unlike pre-Civil Rights Era "Negroes" in Mississipi, where she grew up--you know it was effective. Up here in Canada, of course, with our "human rights" codes and our plethora of zany "human rights" commissions/tribuas, the thinking is that black people are incapable of racism. Or rather, that when they express racist attitudes it is to be excused because of their history of oppression/victimhood. Which in itself is a form of reverse racism because it excuses bad behaviour (the soft bigotry of lower expectations and all that).