Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My "Townhall" Submission

While momentum appears to be building in Parliament to chuck Section 13, the notorious state censorship provision of Canada's "human rights" code, Official Jewry stubbornly, adamantly, cannot seem to fathom the reality that such a move is in their interest. Determined to hang onto their tattered security blankie no matter what, they will likely convene Townhalls to allow each and every Jew who so desires to put in his/her two shekels' worth. And no doubt all the pertinent names--Zundel, Keegstra, Ahenakew, etc--will be hauled out for another airing, and we will be told yet again that "hate speech" always precedes and helps lay the groundwork for genocide. What such Jews--wannabe OHRC chief commissar Bernie Farber among them--cannot seem to comprehend is that:

1. Only an idiot would trust a hack bureaucrat, an utter mediocrity who, by the way, is none too bright, to pass judgement on what is and is not acceptable speech in the land.

2. The anti-hate provisions that we thought would protect us (from the phantom menace of scary Nazis who deploy uncapped Sharpies of doom) are now being used against us. These provisions dovetail perfectly with the sharia agenda of silencing the kafir who dares speak "blasphemy," and both the B'nai Brith and the now-defunct CJC have been on the receiving end of Muslims' complaints about them. As such, it is supremely frustrating that BB's Frank Dimant and the aforementioned Farber remain committed to the odious Section's retention in some form.

3. Section 13 won't stop the real hate, the hate that really is scary. It won't, for instance, end Israeli Apartheid Week on Canadian campuses. It won't prevent Khomeinists from gathering at Queen's Park to shout "Allahu Akbar!" and spew blood libels about the Jewish state. It won't compel police--who seem obsessed with placating restive, testy Muslims via "outreach"--to act in a timely manner to stop Muslim Jew-haters (the case of Salman Hossain is instructive here). And if it can't--if it won't--do any of that, then what the hell good is it?

4. Now more than ever, we need our words. They are our most effective weapon against those who hate our freedoms and who are doing their utmost to put an end to them, once and for all. It is both shameful and shocking for Jews, of all people, to situate themselves on the wrong side of this fight--and the wrong side of history.


Thermblog said...

They can't seem to get their heads around the fact that history won't repeat itself exactly.

Just today we have the Obamadmen declaring their opposition to antisemitism "in all its forms" whilst simultaneously expressing support for their ambassador who blames antisemitism on Israel's actions. At the same time they are co-operating with the OIC to ensure that everything Islamic (except I suppose, liberal Muslims) are henceforth absolved of any badness or even mention of the possibility thereof, even in a whisper.

It's SUBBTLE (not a silent 'b.') Section 13 is of no use when the U.S. government starts playing silly buggers like this. As you said, we need our words.

Revnant Dream said...

A gem of a post . All to true. All to relevant in todays Orwellian World.
When our own leaders bow to Islam trying to be tolerant of the intolerant. It can only mean disaster. How Liberal Jews don't see this is a great wonder.
These people you mention are opportunists. Kapos of the New Age. Who would sell anyone down the river for personnel gain or status.

Michael Teper said...

Looks like that January 10 meeting will be an interesting one. Got to get Ezra to show up for some one-on-one questioning of Mr. Warman!

RickAtNight said...

Bravo, beautifully put. Many of these people just can't help fighting the last war. It seems to be a common human failing, given even a passing familiarity with military history.