Saturday, December 10, 2011

Warren Beatty's Used-To-Be-A-Girl Son Accuses Cher's Used-To-Be-A-Girl Son of Misogyny

This sort of stuff reads like satire--but isn't (at least not intentionally):
Chaz Bono isn't the only transgender son of a celebrity couple. Stephen Ira Beatty (born Kathlyn), the eldest child of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, is also an F-to-M man, and he has a big problem with Bono acting like a spokesperson for the trans community. 
In particular, 19-year-old Beatty (a student at Sarah Lawrence University), takes issue with the Dancing With the Stars contestant's comments about gender in various interviews, RadarOnline reports.

"Chaz is a misogynist. He is a trans man who seems to believe that his female-assignedness and his female socialization makes him immune from being a misogynist, and he is manifestly wrong," writes Beatty, who describes himself as "a gay trans man for whom both identities are equally important, a white anti-racist, a feminist, and a poet."

Bono's comments to the New York Times that since taking testosterone he finds gossiping and chatting "grating" and no longer "tolerates" women especially irked Beatty.

"Can the guy really lack self-awareness to this degree? Does he really not realize that this is a variation on saying, "Women should shut up and let the men do the important things men do"?
Steve sounds like he has the victim group palaver down pat. I suggest he move to Canada and take up a positon with one of our many, many "human rights" outfits; heck, considering the high wattage of his celebrity parents, he might even supplant the unglamorous Jew who's the odds-on favourite to replace Babsy Hall as Ontario's chief inquisitor. (Warren Beatty, Tinsel Town's most notorious swordsman, has a transsexual girl-child? There's some eerie poetic justice/bad karma in that.)

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