Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Stand Up Version of "Pass the Tasty Samosas"?

From the Jewish Tribune:
MONTREAL – After selling out Montreal’s Gesu Theatre last year, Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays is back – this time with a three-city tour.

The comedy show, which aims to have Jews and Muslims laughing together under one roof during the holiday season, will return to the same Montreal venue on Dec. 21 and also stop in Toronto (Dec. 22) and Ottawa (Dec. 17).

Organizer and performer Jeff Schouela notes that Canada’s top Jewish and Muslim standup comics are joining forces in an attempt to bring both groups together to laugh and be merry.

“In an ironic twist,” Schouela said, “the Montreal show will once again be taking place inside the beautiful 425-seat Gesu Church Theatre! That’s right, a Jewish and Muslim comedy show in a church on Christmas.”...
Isn't that high-larious!? Don't you think that all we need are a few yucks to dispel jihad, sharia and pathological Zionhass? Do you think any of these "brave" comics (the scare quotes are there because I know that when the going gets tough—as it did re the Guy Earle situation—"brave" comics tend to crumble) will have the chutzpah (the effrontery) to tackle any of those topics? (Also--jokes about Christmas are definitely welcome, but leave your "ironic twists" about Mohamed at the door.)

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