Friday, December 16, 2011

He's Got High Hopes, He's Got High Hopes, He's Got High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes

Tarek Fatah writes:
One day I hope to see the Liberals and New Democrats join the Conservatives to say out loudly that they find the niqab to be a medieval monstrosity that is a manifestation of misogyny that has no place in Canada and that this ghastly attire is not a religious requirement, but a political statement thumbing its nose at Canada and its Western allies. Quebec has produced such cross-political consensus against the burka and niqab. Will Canada?
And one day I hope to see Hamas "reject" jihad. At some point, though, wishful thinking drifts inexorably into delusion, and I hope we can both do our best to avoid that, Mr. Fatah.

Update: Here's a perfect example of how leftists--the ones Fatah hopes will one day come to their senses--think:
It doesn't take much to figure out the real rationale behind the new policy. Hint: it's anti-Muslim racism.
Hint: it's the sharia, genius.

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