Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There IS Apartheid in Jordan, But Don't Expect Campus Zion-Haters to Launch a "Hashemite Apartheid Week" Any Time Soon (Or Ever)

Despite the Big Lie told over and over ad nauseum by leftists and Islamists, there is no Israeli apartheid. There is, however, apartheid in Jordan, not the that the aforementioned Zion-loathers could give a good goddamn about that:
In most countries with a record of human rights violations, vulnerable minorities are the typical victims. This has not been the case in Jordan where a Palestinian majority has been discriminated against by the ruling Hashemite dynasty, propped up by a minority Bedouin population, from the moment it occupied Judea and Samaria during the 1948 war (these territories were annexed to Jordan in April 1950 to become the kingdom's West Bank).

As a result, the Palestinians of Jordan find themselves discriminated against in government and legislative positions as the number of Palestinian government ministers and parliamentarians decreases; there is not a single Palestinian serving as governor of any of Jordan's twelve governorships.[3]

Jordanian Palestinians are encumbered with tariffs of up to 200 percent for an average family sedan, a fixed 16-percent sales tax, a high corporate tax, and an inescapable income tax. Most of their Bedouin fellow citizens, meanwhile, do not have to worry about most of these duties as they are servicemen or public servants who get a free pass. Servicemen or public employees even have their own government-subsidized stores, which sell food items and household goods at lower prices than what others have to pay,[4] and the Military Consumer Corporation, which is a massive retailer restricted to Jordanian servicemen, has not increased prices despite inflation.[5]

Decades of such practices have left the Palestinians in Jordan with no political representation, no access to power, no competitive education, and restrictions in the only field in which they can excel: business...
 Repeat after me: Free, free, Jordanstine...

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Carlos Perera said...

Please try to remember: In Progressive groupthink, some groups are designated victims, others are designated oppressors. Arabs generally, and Palestinians specifically, belong to the former category; they have been declared to be, by the _bien pensant_ intelligentsia of the West, to be virtuous people of color. Israelis, on the other hand, are, in consequence of the European roots of the original Zionists, evil honkies, and _ipso facto_ an oppressor group. Thus, whenever Israelis clash with Palestinians or other Arabs, the evil honkie Israelis _must_ be in the wrong.

What then, if one Arab group--Jordanian Bedouins--oppresses another--Palestinians? No problem . . . literally, such a problem cannot exist, as the oppression of one set of virtuous people of color by another virtuous people of color is a logical impossibility, like A and NOT A being simultaneously true. QED.