Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thomas L. Friedman's 14 Years of Venonous Anti-Israel Diatribes Say a Lot More About Him Than They Do About Israel

What does it say about TLF, the NYT's pundit di tutti punditti, that he adores China and despises Israel?

That he's a self-satisfied, self-important leftist twit?

That his head has been stuck up his arse for so long that he'd be blinded by the light of reality should he ever endeavour to remove it?

That, in taking stock of his much-vaunted insights and predictions over the years, it turns out he's as clueless as all get out?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.


Carlos Perera said...

Please see my comment under "There IS Apartheid in Jordan . . ." for an alternative explanation of Professor Friedman's allocation of moral blame, as between corrupt, dictatorial, communist-morphed-into-fascist China and democratic, rule-of-law, free-market economy Israel. (Of course, if Israel had kept Labor in power and thereby stifled the economic potential of its people, that might have been a mitigating point in its favor.)

scaramouche said...

You got it right, CP. The leftists loathe Israel in no small part due to its huge Capitalistic successes. It has strayed way too far from the "social justice"/socialistic utopia of their dreams, an unforgivable sin in their eyes.