Monday, December 12, 2011

You Can Skip The Chris and Barb Show—It's a Tired Old Rerun

Ontario's "human rights" racket is on the move again. This time its tentacles have reached deep into TDSB territory to ensure that every arrival from every far-flung land will become indoctrinated in the "human rights" ethos know his/her rights:
TORONTO, Dec. 9, 2011 /CNW/ - The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) today announced it is working on two new versions of its popular e-learning module, Human Rights 101 at an event to celebrate International Human Rights Day hosted by Overland Learning Centre, a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) adult learning centre and the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office. The Overland Learning Centre has a large English as a Second Language Program helping many new Canadians integrate into Canadian society.

The two new e-learning versions will offer users information on human rights history, principles, legislation and policies in Arabic and in Spanish. They will be available online next week. The OHRC also plans to add another 11 languages --Italian, Korean, Punjabi, Portuguese, Somali, Tamil, Tagalog (Filipino), Urdu, Vietnamese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional) -- during the new year.

"With e-learning, we have the opportunity to share information on human rights no matter where you live in Ontario," commented Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall. "We're here today at the Overland Learning Centre, where adult students are learning English. We want to make it easier for all students to learn about human rights and multilingual Human Rights 101 will help."

Chris Bolton, Chair and Trustee, Toronto District School Board stated, "At the heart of a vibrant, effective and caring education system is the strong commitment of staff, students and communities to Human Rights and to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. On the 50th anniversary of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the TDSB is honoured to celebrate International Human Rights Day with the OHRC." The TDSB delivers one of the largest and most comprehensive ESL programs in North America. Each year approximately 30,000 learners register in TDSB adult ESL classes...
At the heart of our education system, apparently, is a dolt who thinks "accommodating" Muslim students via a mosqueteria is a manifestation of vibrancy and effectiveness and a "rights"-crazed diva who is fast running out of time to push us all around. (Can't hardly wait for The Chris and Bernie Show. It should be a real treat.)

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