Saturday, December 10, 2011

L.A. Shooter Identified, But Still a Mystery

The L.A. Coronor's Office has identified the man who opened fire in Hollywood yesterday. No word on if, as one eye-witness reported, he did indeed shout "Allahu Akbar!" during his shooting spree, but he did appear to be a "social justice" type was really stressed out:
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office identified the shooter as Tyler Brehm, 26, of Hollywood. Few details about the man are available but his Facebook page revealed he ended a relationship four days ago. On his page, he listed knowledge, friendship, family, money, success and "things that go fast" among his interests.
Brehm's ex-girlfriend, Alicia Alligood, 24, told KTLA 5 she and Brehm dated for four years before breaking up this month.
The end of their relationship may have acted as a trigger that led to Friday's fatal events, she said in a phone interview with KTLA 5's David Begnaud.
Brehm and Alligood went to school together in Pennsylvania, beginning in junior high, continuing in high school. They began "hanging out" during their college years, she said.
Alligood described Brehm as a "humanitarian," and someone who was "extremely motivated to change the world for the better." He even managed a non-profit organization for a friend, she said, but would not name the organization.
She said Brehm was "really stressed out lately." He met a woman he thought was a pharmaceutical saleswoman, who had given him some kind of pills, Alligood said. He began taking the pills, which was alarming because he never took "hard" drugs before.
"He was very anti-pharmaceutical," Alligood said...
Maybe that was part of his problem. The right kind of meds might have calmed him right down.

Update: His facebook page is still up (for now). He gives as his "other" interests "Crest Whitestrips" and "building Botswana," which, sorry, kinda made me chuckle. (Could it be the bad meds that made him put those two together?)

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