Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Social Justice"-Indoctrinated Toronto Public School Moppets Shut Up For Al-Shabbab-less Famine

They're starving in Somalia because of a drought fueled in no small part by local jihadi nutters al-Shabbab. Funny that that tidbit of info didn't make it into this TDSB account of kids at an elementary school using silence to voice their dismay at the famine:

Me to We students at John McCrae PS in East Toronto put on an East Africa Drought Carousel to raise awareness about the need for aid for Somalians who are forced to walk for weeks in order to get food & medical attention.

Hillay from Free the Children and Karine from Medicins Sans Frontieres participated in the Carousel. The McCrae Me to We group of students prepared for the last six weeks to set up a total of eight stations that students rotated through. The stations included: What is Drought, The Geography of the Horn of Africa, Lack of Government in Somalia; What Life is Like in a Refugee Camp; A power point presentation on the Number of Children That Have Died in Somalia Due to the Drought, How We Can Help & Information on the Vow of Silence that took place at John McCrae. 
The event was a huge success! During a two-hour period, thirteen classes & their teachers rotated through the Carousel. Students were inspired to take part in John McCrae’s Vow of Silence & teachers were provided with a package of lesson plans to extend the Carousel into their classroom. A huge thank you to the McCrae Me to We group, Free the Children and Medicins Sans Frontieres.
Between May and July 2011 alone, about 29,000 Somali children younger than five died due to lack of food. That’s the same as 966 classrooms of 30 children.
No doubt the moppets were made to feel really guilty about the starvation. It's hard to see, though, how that's going to help defeat the jihadis. 

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Somehow I just knew the Kielburger kids would be involved.