Monday, December 12, 2011

Plain-Faced Citizenship a Good Start, But Is It Enough?

From now on Muslim women will have to remove their facial coverings when reciting the oath of citizenship:
If you want to become a Canadian, you'll have to show your face.

Under sweeping regulations that take effect Monday, Muslim women will have to remove their niqabs or any other face-coverings such as burkas before reciting the oath of citizenship to become Canadian, QMI Agency has learned.

Those participating in citizenship ceremonies - the final step in the process to officially become a Canadian - will be given two warnings to unveil themselves.

The first would be upon arrival, when a department official will explain the requirement. If the person refuses, a citizenship judge will ask the individual to show her face before reading the oath.

If the person refuses the second request, the judge will ask them to leave, putting their citizenship in jeopardy. But they will be given other opportunities at future citizenship ceremonies if they change their mind.

If they don't, they will remain permanent residents and give up their right to vote, run for office and hold certain jobs. Permanent residents can be deported for serious crimes.

The new rule requires the citizenship judge to see the person's face as the oath is being spoken. Once the oath is completed and the national anthem sung, the individual can cover her face and begin a new life in Canada as a citizen...
Swell. But the question no one seems to be asking is which/who is more likely to be changed by allowing in a critical mass of covered-up women and the men who require them to dress in that fashion: Canada, or the fans of the coverage? 

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