Saturday, December 10, 2011

Resentment 'n' Envy

Sure, from a communications standpoint they don't the brevity and impact of "hopenchange," but Mark Steyn posits them as Obama's new catchwords, ones which could even propel him to a second term:
"This isn't about class warfare," declared President Obama. Really? As his fellow Democrat Dale Bumpers testified at the Clinton impeachment trial, "When you hear somebody say, 'This is not about sex,' it's about sex." The president understands that "Wall Street," "banks," "fat cats," etc., remain the most inviting target, and he figures that he can ride the twin steeds of Resentment and Envy to re-election and four more years of even bigger Big Government. His opponents, he told us, "want to return to the same practices that got us into this mess. ... And their philosophy is simple: We are better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves and play by their own rules. ... It doesn't work. It has never worked." He blamed our present fix on "this brand of 'you're on your own' economics."

This is a deliciously perverse analysis of the situation confronting America and a fin de civilisation West.
 Class warfare: hey, it worked for Lenin.

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