Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Arab League Is "Irked"

"Irked"--that's a bit more pissed off than "pissed off," but not nearly as furious as "furious."

The object of its, er, irkage, is, of course, Syria, which continues to off the populace at an alarming rate and despite AL "threats" to send in observers to...observe the unfolding carnage? To tell the truth, I'm not to sure what the point of it is. Apparently it's part of the outfit's plan to curtail the bloodshed. But since Hafez's spawn is being less than co-operative, his fellow Arabs are now so "irked" that they've hurled the most terrifying threat of all. No, it's not "we're going to haul you in front of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission; that kind of threat actually might make some headway. It's "we're gonna take this to the UN."

That should do the trick, eh?

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