Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For CAIR-CAN It's All About the Veil

Here it is kvetching about Jason Kenney's announcement that Muslim chicks will have to remove their masks so they can be seen to be reciting the citizenship oath. And, hey, doesn't CAIR-CAN's Acting Executive Director Ihsaan Gardee raise a valid argument when he says
If the concern is about the ability of the judge to either see the individual in question or hear them giving the Oath, then how does Mr. Kenney propose to deal with the issue of blind judges or, for that matter, those those applicants with facial bandages or bushy beards?
Good question, Ihsaan. I don't know how many "blind judges" there are out there, but, there being plenty of sighted ones, I'm sure there's no need to worry on that score. Also, unless the guy with a "bushy beard" looks like the Wolfman, he's still easily identifiable. As for "applicants with facial bandages"--I've seen more than a few about-to-become citizens dressed like this, but oddly enough not a single one who looks like this. (Of course, were he to remove his bandages--ones he is likely not wearing for religious, er, sorry cultural reasons that are incompatible with Canadian values--he'd be invisible, and then you would have a problem.)

CAIR-CAN is also in a froth about--and will present written arguments to--the Supreme Court, which is considering whether a Muslima has a "right" to wear a face mask while giving testimony in a Canadian (that's an as yet non-sharia-compliant) court. You can read about it here.

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