Friday, December 9, 2011

'Peg Opiner Claims "Human Rights" Mausolem Would Prevent Jew-Hate

Winnipeg Free Press columnist Lindor Reynolds uses an ugly anti-Semtic incident (a Jewish girl whose hair was set on fire by a Jew-hater) to shill for the Winnipeg-based Canadian "human rights" mausoleum. She seems to be arguing that had this  shrine to victimhood benighted behemoth self-important money pit been up and running, maybe this incident would not have occurred. Further, she thinks its mere existence will help prevent such hate crimes from occuring in the future. She writes:
Few can logically argue against the value of a human rights museum as an entity, leaving aside opinions on public funding and the perceived import given to any number of atrocities.
Actually, I have been logically arguing against the value of this entity for years. Leaving aside the ludicrous assertion that this edifice will put an end to Jew-hate (ha!), we can't leave aside opinions on public funding, because these public funds are being purloined from our pockets, and flushed down the drain.

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