Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to Derail Section 13

This one--revised for the occasion--goes out to all the Supreme Court justices ruminating over whether to retain Canada's state censorship provision (the infamous Section 13):

Pardon me, oy,
Is that the "Human Rights" Commission?
Section 13,
You know the one that I mean.
We can’t afford
To get aboard that kooky choo choo.
It isn’t fair.
You never wanna go there.

You’ll see those "human rights" commissioners
Are doin’ their job.
Want you to be wary 'bout

What ‘scapes from your gob.
Allahu Akbar, honey,
Blasphemy ain’t funny.
Shut yo’ mouth or it’ll cost you money.

When you see 'em censoring

The folks on the right
Then you know they won't give up

Without a big fight.
True north strong and free-ah,
‘Cept for the sharia.
(Dovetails well with Islam's blasphemy-ah.)

There’s gonna be
Two foolish Jewish "intervenors".
Don't have a clue
About the harm that they do.
They're gonna cry
That stoppin' hate speech is the way to go.

Oh, please, Supreme Court judges,
Won't you just say, "No!"


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