Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today In It Isn't Islam's Fault...

An Atlantic scribbler ignores the cognitive dissonance blaring in his brain and finds a way to blame deep-seated Arab chick-hate on--wait for it--the West.

Hey, wasn't that a Jackson 5 number?:

Don't blame it on the Koran,
Don't blame it on the Islam,
Blame it on the kafir...

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Carlos Perera said...

I'm surprised Mr. Fisher could get up from his chair after writing his article . . . he _must_ have twisted himself into an intellectual pretzel to come to the conclusions that he did. (Not only did he violate several precepts of logic, he had to ignore the extensive pre-colonial history of the Middle East to reach them; he would definitely have profited from reading some of Bernard Lewis' less recondite works on the subjects--we certainly would not want to overtax Mr. Fisher's intellect--like _Islam and the West_, _Islamd in History_, and _What Went Wrong_ before writing his tendentious piece for the _Atlantic_.)