Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barack's Media Whores "Favorite Thing": Playing Up Romney's "Gaffes," Ignoring Their Hero's'

Call it The Sound of Lemmings:

Giving that terrible lecture in Cairo.
Getting elected tho' he was a tyro.
"Dreams From My Father"--'twas good for some laughs.
These are a few of O's genuine gaffes.

Telling small business folk, "You didn't built that."
A hole in your pocket? The goverment's filled that.
Sitting in Rev. Wright's pews tushies'll chaff.
These are just some of O's genuine gaffes.

Spits on America's 'xeptionalism.
Says he's a healer but fosters a schism.
Embraces the MuBros, gives Bibi the shaft.
There are lots more of O's genuine gaffes.

When Barack fibs,
When Joe B. flubs,
Minions spin their spin.
The media whores will all downplay their gaffes
So their candidate will win...

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