Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why "The Book of Mormon" Is a Boffo Broadway Hit and a Musical Called, Say, "The Book of the Muslims" (Or Something Along Those Lines) Will Never Be Mounted

Not too hard too figure out, really. Offended Mormons aren't going to whip themselves into a frenzy and burn down the theatre. Or, as Jay Nordlinger puts it:
No one will ever make, or perform in, a Broadway show called Koran — i.e., an equivalent show to The Book of Mormon. The authors and performers would have a hard time remaining alive.

Instead, people will continue to laugh like crazy at the Mormons, as our country goes down the tubes, the world explodes, and we bemoan what a klutzy candidate Mitt Romney is.
Yeah, 'cuz who wants to vote for a klutzy Mormon when you can opt for a deft son-of-a-Muslim? (In case my sarcasm didn't come through loud and clear, that was me channeling the Obama-besotted.)

Lest we forget, the Mormon musical is the creation of the producers of TV show South Park. These chaps were censored when they had the temerity to put Islam's founder in a bear suit, something that would have happened had they dressed, say, Brigham Young like that.

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