Friday, September 28, 2012

No Doubt About It--Israel Sucks at "Ethnic Cleansing"

In his speech to the UN, Mahmoud Abbas once again tried to play the "ethnic cleansing" card. Here's the truth about the so-called cleansing:
According to a projection published by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees extrapolating from UNRWA's past growth rates, by 2030, UNRWA's refugee list will expand another 70 percent to 8.5 million.[10] In fact, at the same growth rate, by 2060 there will be four times as many Palestinian refugees as there are today and twenty-five times the number registered by UNRWA in 1950—though not a single one of the original Palestinian refugees is likely still to be alive by then.
Projected growth of UNRWA Refugee Rolls
Source: Mick Dumper, "Future Prospects for the Palestinian Refugees," Refugee Survey Quarterly, 2-3 (2009): 563-6.

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