Saturday, September 29, 2012

Et Tu, Ahmadi?

It is distressing though perhaps not surprising that not even the head of Ottawa's Ahmadi Muslims (the most gentle of Islamic sects, one which is horribly persecuted for its beliefs) is willing to stand up for free speech:
After weeks of violence erupted over an amateur video criticizing the Muslim faith, members of Ottawa’s Islamic community will call for an end to the violence and limits to free speech at a meeting Saturday. 
“It is against the teachings of Islam to burn flags, burn property and kill people – including an ambassador,” said Imtiaz Ahmed, an Islamic missionary and community leader. “There is a fine line between freedom of speech and hurting people’s sentiments.  
When we hurt people we have to draw a line on freedom of speech.”...
Ahmed reiterated that "violence is not a solution to anything," but went on to "condemn the video produced in America and the cartoons in France.” He further noted that where he comes from, Pakistan, "we can't even call ourselves Muslims."

Well, Ahmed, mightn't that be a function of Pakistan's not having free speech (the freedom that ensures all others)?

You might want to ruminate on that for a second before you go running off at the mouth and telling us to shut ours.

Here's Michael Coren on the subject of religion and free speech.

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