Thursday, September 27, 2012

The "Cure" for Zany Khomeinists and Their Naked Zionhass Showing Up in Toronto--a Liberal Government in Ottawa?!?

That, apparently, is the claim of some, well, Liberals. Terry Glavin shoots it down post haste:
It’s a small world after all, and the Liberal party manner of steering Canada through it by way of the shallow waters of official multiculturalism is fine and clear sailing until its inevitable encounter with the thing that Canada simply isn’t big enough to “accommodate,” reasonably or otherwise. That’s the thing that was goose-stepping through the crowds last Saturday in Toronto at what was the very specific sort of public intimidation ritual that is routinely staged to enforce the ghastly theocratic discipline necessary to the enslavement of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world.
During his sleazy but ever so carefully worded megaphone exhortations last weekend, the Khomeinist thought-police demagogue Zafar Bangash could not help but expose this eternal irreconcilability: Free people simply cannot coexist with slavery, the world is going to have to be ours or it will belong to the slavers, and no amount of interfaith dialogue or multicultural sensitivity training will matter. 
The demands Bangash and his allegedly aggrieved accomplices enumerated last weekend are easily made presentable as of a happily perfect piece with Canadian multicultural propriety. Their placards last weekend even had kind words for Baby Jesus. After all, the things Bangash wants criminalized in Canada are not just words or deeds that might give offence to the contested dignities of Islamic law, but to the cherished imaginings that beset the followers of any and every faith. 
It is quite true that this is not merely a demand that Canada disallow free and open debates about the stultifying, cattle-prodding theocratic mumbo-jumbo that props up the police states that Bangash and his fellow Islamists are determined to replicate the world round. It is also a demand that Canadians rescind and annul the foundation of liberalism itself: the right to mock religion, to expose its falsehoods, and to bloody well enjoy ourselves as we do so. 
Somehow, it’s hard to imagine Trudeau the Younger leading liberalism’s last-ditch defences here...
No kidding. If we had to depend on Trudeau fils to reinforce our gates of Vienna, we could pretty much kiss Canada and its freedoms goodbye. Justin would be all but certain to act a la Obama--i.e. to bow and grovel in an undignified, dhimmified fashion before the chronically aggrieved.

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