Sunday, September 30, 2012

With Omar Back "Home," Khadrs Hunker Down in Family Abode Along With...Balloon Animals?

From the Toronto Star:
At the Scarborough highrise where several members of the Khadr family live, there were plenty of television crews and children with balloon animals, but no Khadrs speaking publicly about their relative’s return to Canada. 
Several residents of the Kennedy Road apartment pointed to a unit that used to have a banner outside that read “Get Khadr back.” On Saturday, it was not visible. Earlier in September, building residents say, there was a demonstration outside relating to the controversial 26-year-old. 
When reporters knocked at the door of the unit believed to belong to the family, the music was turned up inside. Repeated requests for comment went unanswered...
Okay, I'll bite: "Children with balloon animals"? Explanation, please.

Update: This Toronto Star editorial contends that the onus is on the Canadian government to figure out how to, er, fix Omar:
Rather than try to build a case that Khadr now needs to spend six more years behind bars, Canadian officials should come up with a plan to help Khadr rehabilitate himself, and ring down the curtain on this infamous spectacle.
Short of performing a frontal lobotomy on him, I can't think of any way Canadians could possibly "rehabilitate" the hardened jihadi. (The balloon animals are the perfect accompaniment for this nutty idea, since it, like they, are full of hot, stale air.)

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robins111 said...

I wonder what the msm is gonna do when they find out that Omar betrayed all those nutter Islamist to get a reduced sentence. Rumor has it, Bammy based his entired drone strike package on it... lol. Work with me... we could make it interesting for him and his family..