Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'd Rather Read Naomi Wolfe's Vajayjay Bio Than This One

Warren K.'s overheated tome about "surviving the coming Conservative apocalypse" (no, really) has finally hit the shelves:
Everywhere you look, these days, Conservatives are winning elections. No matter where you look, the story is the same: white, angry men on the Right are winning power. The Left, meanwhile, is divided and dispirited, and rapidly losing ground. Fight the Right is a handbook on how to survive the nasty, brutish and short-sighted era in which we find ourselves and is designed to help progressives better understand their conservative adversary, and ultimately defeat conservatives wherever the battle is taking shape. It''s a manual on how conservatives have appropriated language and values, and how progressives can take both back. Written in a fun, accessible, style, Fight the Right will appeal to those about to launch an advocacy effort, as well as those who are simply curious about how (and if) the Right thinks. It is chock full of war stories and not-so-tall tales about winning progressive campaigns, from everyone from Jean Chretien to Bobby Kennedy, Jr., and it will argue--forcefully--that a United Right can''t be defeated until a United Left emerges. Wherever conservative power-brokers are hurting average citizens and hard-working families, Fight the Right will provide a tested road map on how to beat the bullies.
Those "bullies" are, like, really scary. Them and their fatwas and nukes and apocalyptic scenarios.

Oh, sorry. I got confused there for a moment. What I meant to say is those Conservative bullies are, like, really scary. Them and their principled support for Israel and cost-cutting measures. Because of them, the precipice is well within sight. (FYI, that was an example of how the Left "thinks.")

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The Falcon said...

Glory be to the Progressive Prophets for a new would be Alinsky has come to be!!!!