Friday, September 21, 2012

"Behead"? What Is This "Behead" of Which You Credulous Infidels Speak?

The mom in Australia who handed her moppet a sign reading "Behead all those who insult the Prophet"--and who came in for a shiteload of criticism for doing so--claims it's not her fault. No, really. When she gave him the banner, she had absolutely no idea what "behead" meant:
THE mother who gave her child an inflammatory banner to hold up during the Muslim riot told police she didn't know what "behead" meant.   
The Jordanian woman, 28, handed herself in to police on Monday after her photo was splashed across newspapers and TV and she was branded an irresponsible mother.
The woman was photographed encouraging her four-year-old son to hold up a sign which read "Behead all those who insult the prophet". 
NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the image of the child calling for beheading of another person was "incomprehensible", while Premier Barry O'Farrell called for the woman to be investigated by child protection services. 
But the woman, who has only been in Australia for two years, told detectives from strike force McAllister she did not know what the sign meant...
Let me get this straight--she recognized the word "prophet" but not the word "behead," a word often associated with the prophet?

No doubt there are many who would give her the benefit of the doubt. I do not number myself among them.

Behead sign

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