Sunday, September 30, 2012

TDSB "Lesson" For the Canadian Islamic Congress's Islamic History Month Canada: Natually, There IS No Israel

I found this info about "the State of Palestine" (capital: "Al Quds") via this link on the Toronto District School Board site:

Location and Geography

Palestine is one of the most ancient regions in the Middle East. It is located in southwest Asia between 290 30? and 330 15? lines of latitude north of the equator and 340 15? and 350 40? lines of longitude east of Greenwich line. Natural Palestine refers to the region bounded in the west by the Mediterranean Sea, east by Syria and Jordan, north by Lebanon, and south by Egypt and the Gulf of Aqaba. Despite its small area, Palestine contains five clear divisions from west to east: Continental shelf, Costal (sic) plain, Palestinian mountains, Negev, Dead Sea rift (considered to be the lowest area in the world, about 400m below sea level).
Since no map of "Natural Palestine" is provided, I thought I'd supply one. Think of it as my contribution to this year's Islamic Da'wa History Month Canada.

"Natural Palestine" looks like this:

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Anonymous said...

How can the TDSB be responsible for something like this?