Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tie an White Keffiyeh 'Round the Maple Tree--Our Homie Omie's Comin' Home!

He's comin' home, he's done his time.
Well, it seems he's unrepentant for his crime.
But Vic has seen the videos
And thinks he should return.
Alas, some foolish kafirs they don't
Never, ever learn.
And Omie they won't spurn.
So tie a white keffiyeh 'round the maple tree.
It's been ten long years
Of his "misery."
If he don't see keffiyehs 'round
Those maple trees.
He'll say, "Hell, no."
Go back to Gitmo.
Get down on his knees.
If he don't see a white keffiyeh
'Round a maple tree...

Everybody sing!

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