Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Off to the Races"--Wasn't That a Marx Brothers Flick?

The guy in charge of our national shrine to competitive victimhood gloats about the mega-bucks that have been shaken from the pockets of gullible donors:
The group raising money for Canada's new human rights museum says it has collected $136 million in donations to date, but it still needs to raise at least $14 million more. 
The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights announced Tuesday that it has raised $6 million from the private sector in the past year, bringing the total to $136 million. 
Stuart Murray, the museum's president, said what the group has achieved so far is nothing short of amazing. 
"It's unprecedented. I mean, they've raised $136 million. I think that that has to be acknowledged as something that's incredible," he told reporters. 
"This is unbelievable, what they've done. And because of that, this museum is going to be spectacular." 
Some of the money has come from students at École Selkirk Junior High School, who have raised at least $32,000 over the last two years by auctioning off hand-crafted guitars that have been autographed by celebrities. 
The national museum is already under construction at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg, and organizers have been closing in on their goal of $150 million in private donations. 
"No uncertainty now at all — we are totally off to the races," said Gail Asper, the group's national campaign chair...
Off to the races? Horse feathers! We'll be paying for this misbegotten behemoth for years to come.

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