Sunday, September 23, 2012

USA Today Baffled Because "Arab Spring Reforms" Have Not Translated Into Rights for Egypt's Women

Er, the publication is aware of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood, an outfit created to perpetuate and spread sharia "rights," is in charge there, no?

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Carlos Perera said...

Having known a few professional journalists personally, I wouldn't discount the possibility that the _USA Today_ writers really are so dim that they have not made the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Egyptian government and the spike in misogyny in the country. However, a more likely explanation is that said writers have been operationally conditioned to use doublethink to approach any topic involving Islam.

On the one hand, the sharp increase in acts of misogyny toward any women who don't toe the sharia line is undeniable, but, on the other hand, to make the obvious connection with the establishment of a _de facto_ sharia state under the Brotherhood runs counter to the canons of political correctness and multiculturalism . . . so the fact is reported while the obvious cause is not. (At least they are still reporting the fact.)