Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Canadian "Human Rights" Mausoleum's Bad Karma Goes On and On

As do its out-of-control costs. The two seem to go hand-in-hand, in fact:
On Wednesday, journalists were supposed to visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to see the installation of the last of 1,100 glass panes, completing the iconic glass "cloud" that is the building's signature design feature.
This was designed to be a good-news story, evidence that despite its recent trials and tribulations, the building is getting closer to completion. At least that was the plan. The threat of rain and wind gusts of up to 70 kilometres per hour forced museum officials to cancel the installation. They will try again today. Once again, fate had conspired to snatch delay from the jaws of progress.
It is a narrative Stuart Murray knows only too well. As CEO of the CMHR, Murray has had to face tough questions about its missteps. Why, for example, will the museum open more than a year late, and why will it cost $90 million more than budgeted? Why have more than a dozen key museum staff fled the project? Why have the museum's content plans continued to be the source of such controversy and conflict?...
As someone who has been keeping tabs on the unfolding debacle, allow me to answer: It's because this is an idiotic, ill-conceived edifice that aims to boost the bona fides of "human rights" at the precise time when the concept has become devoid of meaning due to its having been hijacked by kooky leftists who adore the power rush they get via their ability to push people around (hello, Barbara Hall), and by anti-Zionist Islamic triumphalists bent on Israel's annihilation.

The plug should have been pulled on this sucker before it broke ground. Now, alas, it's too late, and we'll be stuck with the bill for it and its imbecilities (hello, "Mass Atrocity" zone), at least for the foreseeable future.

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