Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abu Dhabi DOs and DON'Ts

Abu Dhabi, an oily Arab Emirate where sharia rocks and rolls, is considering a ban on Sex and the City 2, some of which is set there (but not filmed there: Morocco got the gig). The reason: Abu Dhabians (er, ers?) are miffed that their rigid, partiarchal, puritanical, sharia-ridden land is being portrayed as rigid, patriarchal, puritanical and sharia-ridden.

Update: From the timesonline review:
Could it get worse? Yes, because these previously intelligent woman are tossed into a Muslim country – and they seem to know nothing whatsoever about its traditions. Between cocktails, Miranda explains what niqabs are, and Samantha tosses her condoms around in a screaming hot flush in the souk. Culturally insensitive is an understatement when Blahniks meet burkhas.
Especially when you wear a burkha--and get your Blahniks caught in it.

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