Saturday, May 22, 2010

Palestine House Zipper-Fumblers/Thugs Plan Netanyahu 'Protest'

Stay with me here, because this one is a bit, well, complicated. So you know that Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is coming to Canada, one of the reasons for being that he wants to thank Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, for being the leader of a nation who is Israel's most vocal, most adamant supporter (in contrast to that guy south of the border, who doesn't like Netanyahu or Israel at all). Since his visit coincides with Toronto's Walk With Israel, the biggest such annual event in the world, Netanyahu is planning to speak to walk participants before the event gets underway.

Now here's were it gets tricky. Palestine House, the organization whose logo is a map of the Palestinian territories plus the Jewish State--a clear sign that the only final "solution" it would ever consider is the one whereby the Jews are pushed into the sea--is organizing a protest of Netanyahu's appearance. (BCF has the info about it here.) Palestine House is in operation courtesy the largesse of the Canadian government. In other words, our government both stands foursquare with Israel and funds Israel's (and Jewry's, and the civilized world's) enemies--a conflict which, quite simply, is bonkers.

I hope no one points out this conflict to Prime Minister Netanyahu as he's getting set to deliver his address to the walkers. It could put a real damper on the proceedings.

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