Monday, May 31, 2010

Multiculti Policing

Yesterday an intrepid feline has a run-in with a die-hard Israel-loather. Evincing the type of exquisitely sensitive sensibility that would make Ontario "human rights" Commissar Barbara Hall squeal with delight, the constabulary overseeing the "protest" told the Cat (the injured party) to run along now and not make any fuss. Comments Mark Steyn re the cops' M.O. in T.O. and the rest of the mush-brained West:

The enforcers of the modern "tolerant" "multicultural" society will tolerate the explicitly intolerant and avowedly unicultural, but they won't tolerate anyone pointing out that intolerance. From Rushdie to van Gogh to the Motoons, law enforcement has guarded the thugs and harrassed those who draw attention to the thuggery. This is PC policing: There are identity groups who merit the solicitude of the constabulary, and there are the rest of you who don't. Mass Muslim immigration will impose severe strains on the Euro-Canadian welfare states in the years ahead. In increasingly fractious societies, the police will be out in force - upholding not the law but the dopiest fatuities of the multiculti delusion.
Too true. One of the dopiest of which is that the "Nazis" pose a grave threat. Thus, if you uncap your Sharpie and scrawl a scary swastikie of doom inside a public lavratory stall, the cops will be on your case quicker than you can say Pierre E. Trudeau. The "reason" being that mass Muslim immigration adds much-needed colour and spice to our glorious multiculti smorgasbord (think of all the delectable samosas and shawarma you can scarf down), but uncapped markers? Those things could lead to a Holocaust.

Update: The die-hard Israel-loather and Cat-threatener will be a "guest" on today's Michael Coren Show.


Tim Johnston said...

well now, it's fairer to say that Muslim immigration only adds colour when they stay exotic and Muslim-y. Once they start to - *gasp* - love America and freedom and all that stuff, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the multiculturalists lose interest.

scaramouche said...

Actually, when they start to love America and freedom (as does Hirsi Ali), the multicultists start to bash them for being right-wing Islamophobes.