Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Diversity" in T.O.

We here in Toronto are, well, blessed. Not only are we "diverse" enough to be home to many thousands of Somalis, some of whom are "mentored," others of whom run back to their homeland to fight jihad; not only did that veritable Benetton ad of "diverse" jihad plotters--the Toronto 18--hail from our "diverse" precincts; but, in what may well be the most supreme (and supremacist) instance yet of our "diversity," an Iranian who lives in our city is currently on trial here for allegedly, in the words of the Toronto Star report,
using his small company, N&N Express Inc., operated out of his North York home, to try to export to Iran via Dubai two of 10 pressure transducers he purchased for a total of $11,645 from Setra Systems Inc. of Massachusetts.
In case you were wondering, it was his way of helping the kooky mullahs go nuclear.

Sigh. Aren't we lucky?

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rasp said...

Yeah, we've been very lucky. So far. The incompetence of jihadist's targeting North America is only temporary. With dhimmi's like Eric Holder and Janet Incompetentalo running the US show ....