Saturday, May 22, 2010

Au Revoir, QuAIA

Score another one for demonically  powerful Zionist Lobby/Elders/Cabal: The Globe and Mail reports that organizers of Toronto's Pride parade have decided that Queers for the Liquidation of Israel, a.k.a Queers for Hamas, a.k.a. Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, will not be able to participate in this year's festivities:

...Lawyer Martin Gladstone, who has fought for years to have Queers Against Israeli Apartheid excluded from the Pride parade, said he’s “ecstatic” at the decision.
“It’s long overdue. It’s fantastic,” he said, adding that many people he knows avoided Pride because this group made them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.
“The inclusion of these groups that have nothing to do with gay rights, that had divisive and hateful messaging, was horrible. … You can’t arbitrarily exclude a large part of our gay community with messaging that’s false and divisive.”
Indeed. So does that mean that Zionhass won't appear in any way, shape or form? Well, no, not exactly:
It’s not clear whether the group would be able to participate under a different name.
In that case, I recommend they regroup under the banner "Queers for B.D.S." Should Zionists gripe, the clueless queers could always claim the letters stand for "bondage, domination and submission."

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