Saturday, May 29, 2010

Multiculti Feeds the Croc

Salim Mansur sounds the warning about the greatest peril of our time. No, not the jihad: that we can handle, have we will enough. It's the squishy, feel-good social doctrine, borne of liberal guilt, that befogs our brains and that, by coincidence, came around at exactly the right time for the resurgent jihad. If we allow it to--and there's every indication that we will (hello, twin mosques hunkered down near the twin towers site)--this unicultural phenomenon (it holds no sway in Dar al Islam) will likely be the death of us:
In the post-9/11 world, the threat to freedom emanates from tyrants and closed societies armed — or seeking to be armed — with weapons of mass destruction while colluding with terrorists.
But for democracies in the West, the strategic urgency to think geopolitically is greatly undermined by the politics of multiculturalism.
The practitioners of the politics of appeasement jeered Churchill in his time as he warned his country about the impending peril from Hitler’s Germany.
In our time, it is multiculturalism greased by liberal guilt of past wrongs and excessive faith in the workings of the UN that increasingly place democracies and freedom-loving people at a disadvantage against the forces of tyranny and terror.
Churchill would never have made it in politics in our time. He would have been accused of colonialism, imperialism, racism--all the buzz words so beloved of progressive "human rights" types--been hounded out of office and likely taken up the only position open to him--host of a conservative talk radio show. Oh, he could have still railed against Hitler and issued dire predictions about what happens to those who "feed the crocodile," but, with no actual political power, he would have been unable to do much of anything to prevent the reptile from gobbling up the civilized world.

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