Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heads Up!

Coming to the 'Peg (site of Canada's "human rights" mausoleum) this November--another hand-wringing "human rights" shmoozerama that we, the hard-pressed taxpayers, will be squeezed to pay for:
Preventing Discrimination

Discrimination Prevention Forum 2010
The Canadian Human Rights Commission is pleased to announce that the fourth Discrimination Prevention Forum will be held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, November 23-25, 2010.

Purpose of the Forum

The Discrimination Prevention Forum is an avenue for human rights stakeholders to share best practices on emerging issues of discrimination in the workplace. It gathers hundreds of leaders and decision makers from government, private sector and non profit organizations across Canada.

Aboriginal focus

This year, the Commission's Discrimination Prevention Branch is teaming up with its National Aboriginal Initiative office to focus on workplace enablers for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples. The theme, "Circle of Awareness, Cycle of Growth," conveys that knowledge and cultural sensitivity are key to fostering positive relationships in the workplace.

Our Forums are well known and well attended so stay tuned for early registration in June!
Will do, "human rights" Commissars. In fact, nothing would give me greater pleasure than sharing best practices and focusing on workplace enablers with fellow stakeholders. And I have a great idea for the focus of the next (the fifth) Discrimination Prevention Forum--shiksas. Suggested theme: "Blondes on the Sidelines (With Legs to Die For)".

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