Monday, May 31, 2010

Star Gazing

The paper version of the Toronto Star has a photo of bewhiskered black-hatters Neturai Karta, who were among "more that 200 demonstrators" (including government-funded eliminationist Palestine House types) at the anti-Netanyahu protest yesterday. The Star's headline: "Rabbis, refugees united in protest"--which tells you exactly where the paper's (bleeding) heart and (mushy) mind is at. ("Refugees"? Give me a break.)

Me? I would have headed it "Neturai and naqba nutters united in Zionhass".

Update: No Neturai nutjobs on the Globe and Mail's inside page. Merely this header: "Critics see Harper support for Israel as pandering to religious right".

Yes, because if you stand up for the Jewish State, the Middle East's only true democracy, you must be doing it to "pander" to scary religious Christians (booga booga) and not because you believe Israel has a right to exist and to defend that existence:

The Globe highlights "critics" whose dander
Has risen due to Harper's "pander".
They lob plenty of zingers
'Bout "scary" right-wingers--
A brand of candor? No. Grand-standing slander.

Update: Ezra Levant on "The McCarthyism of the Left" (are you now or have you ever been a right-wing Christian?).

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