Monday, May 24, 2010

Booga! Booga!

Scary Leftoslamists who loathe Israel, America and everything they stand for (modernity, capitalism, an impediment to Lefty and Islamist utopias) raise the spectre of scary fundamentalists Christians and their scary agenda which purportedly aims to place planet Earth under their fundamentalist thumb and compel everyone to hew to their totalitarian Christian religious edicts.

You can see how where this fear-mongering and outright prevarication is going. It's going to try to deflect attention away from the real threat and project it on to a non-existent one, as a means of trashing one of the few forces in the world that can be counted on not to take any Islamist crap. In this they are drawing on years--eons--of experience fear-mongering against the Jews. Not that they've let the Judenhass fall by the wayside.They have merely adopted and updated it for the times--those being ones when Judenhass has segued into Zionhass.

The obvious rebuttal to such fear-mongering: Last time I checked, there was no animating principle of "jihad is the way, sharia is goal, and sharia for all because Islam and its founder are sheer perfection" in either Judaism and Christianity. Nor, for that matter, will you find an Islamic version of the "golden rule," since you are only allowed to do unto other Muslims, your sole equals in the world.

Nice try, Slamolefties/Leftoslamies, but, as an impudent kitty recently opined in a completely different context, that sucker ain't got no legs.

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