Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Multifrikkinculturalism in T.O.

Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiotito regales us with his taco-chomping adventures. Apparently, the greasy spoon he favours on the Danforth is emblematic of our glorious multiculti mosaic (which is growing more colourful and sharia-compliant by the day):
...I ordered one with chili, one with chicken, and a tortilla al carbon with guacamole. I have eaten flour tortillas filled with grilled skirt steak in San Antonio, and I do not ask for greatness here. Here, it’s great enough to know that the taco man was Chinese, and somewhere in the neighbourhood the muezzin calls.
In the interests of consumerism, I can tell you that the chili I consumed needs work, and I’d have the chicken taco again, but the pico de gallo — beak of the rooster to you — needs more pico for this gallo.

Kids streamed in, noonish, from the nearby high school. They came, they said, because the meat was halal, and they liked Mexican.

They did not add that the food is fast and filling and frugal. Nor did they — African, Indian, Asian-Canadians — think the multicultural mix noteworthy...
Everyone sing: "It's a small world, after all. It's a small world, after all..." (Or don't, since the kicker to Joe's story is that the halal meat is out and Chinese food is in--much to his dismay.)

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rasp said...

Let's review: 1. The author gets paid to write, possibly expensed the lunch as part of that job. 2. Performs a subtext kiss-up to local Muslims. 4. Does not credit the owner for reacting to customer demand (taco out- Chinese in)4. and this is key: The muezzin is not calling out in his neighborhood.