Monday, May 31, 2010

The Battle Cry of Flotilla 'Activists'

You may not hear about this in the mainstream media because it doesn't gibe with their "Israel is eee-vil" narrative, but those tender-hearted flotilla "activists" were shouting an age-old jihadi war chant when they were boarded by the Jews. The chant wasn't quite as catchy as the Homos for Hamas "Butch. Femme. Bottom. Top. etc.," but it's every bit as heartfelt.

Update: CAIA puts the call out for an "emergency picket" to stick it to the flotilla-busters.

Update: A buncha Muslims kill and injure scores in Lahore: ho hum. A buncha Jews put the chill on a flotilla: let the UN "discussions" begin.

Not that there's an immense double standard in effect or anything.

Update: Jeanette Pryor writes:
...From start to finish, the Humanitarian flotilla was a textbook operation in the chief war against Israel, the war of global opinion. Those who organized the convoy were well aware that, arriving in proximity to Gaza, they would be stopped by Israeli Defense Forces. The purpose of the convey was to choreograph another drama in which Israel would be obliged to choose between being cast on the international stage as the evil starvers of innocent, trapped women and children, or avoiding the censure by allowing ships, possibly carrying weapons and warriors, into Gaza.
For Israel to survive, she needs the moral and physical support of the United States. The Leftist strategists trying to sever this support are using lessons learned about us during the last wars we have fought; wars are won or lost by the microphone and the camera. A still-shot of “heartless” Israelis denying food, clothing, and Kleenex to a camp population is Oscar Worthy and is more lethal than the rockets stowed under the bandage rolls. It is an image stolen from real occupation, an image intended to confuse the victims with the perpetrators and provoke universal outrage against innocent Isralis and extort pity for people who elected genocidal terrorists to run their government.
The Israel Haters Club will howl and get their poignant video footage from Al Jazeera, who, as always, just happened to be on hand. The knife-brandishing doves will have purchased at the cost of lives they hold so cheaply another opportunity to wail the Occupation Narrative...
Update: Here's CAMERA's post

Update: As the flotilla feeding frenzy continues and has yet to peak (Heaven knows that that won't happen for some time) ShalomLife notes that while this was a lose-lose proposition for Israel, the "peace activists" aren't exactly the choir boys they're being made out to be:

While the world watches the fallout of the mission, they are rarely informed of the facts surrounding this provocation. As Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said this week, “If the ships reach Gaza it is a victory; if they are intercepted, it will be a victory too.” They were fully aware that Israel has no means of succeeding in this mission outside of their own personal security concerns. Regardless of the outcome, Hamas could claim victory. As Israeli Minister Danny Ayalon said, “Allowing the illegal flotilla to reach Hamas would have opened a corridor of smuggling of weapons to Gaza and resulting in civilian deaths,” yet blocking the flotilla from arrival will result in continued bad PR and a reason to condemn Israel in front of the rest of the world.
To further their cause, those onboard were well aware of their end result and their violence was preplanned. They were armed with knives and metal bars and greatly outnumbered the IDF soldiers, even though Israel sent in hundreds of soldiers to minimize the violence. As each soldier boarded the ships they were attacked by a mob of extremists who, contrary to their claim, had no peaceful intentions. These extremists brought small children on board with the intention of violating international maritime law, and garnering further sympathy in case any of the children are harmed during the raids. As Al-Jazeera reported, previous to the departure of the flotilla, those onboard were chanting intifada songs and praising martyrdom:
The problem, of course, is that Zionhass, the Judeophobia of our era and the successor to the racially-based Judenhass of Hitler's time, is so intense that the truth, the facts, have long since ceased to hold any significance for the Hate-Israel crowd. In our morally unhinged world, optics are what count and what have the most impact. And Israel's enemies have so arranged it that the optics of this flotilla thing and really, really bad. (Not that it's terribly difficult to make Israel look bad when the world is predisposed to want to see it that way.) The only way it could have been worse is if Rachel Corrie had been on board and killed in the crossfire.

Update: Hey, ho, BHO/Killin' civillians with your unmaned drones. The rank hypocrisy of it all is, well, rank.

Update: That lunatic Norman Finkelstein tries to pin the "l" label on Israel.

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