Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bureaucracy to the Rescue!

Good thing Mama Mia (Farrow) helped the Ceej figure out "a Jewish response" to Darfur. Too bad the response entails counting on the UN--the UN!--and Canadian government bureaucracies to stop the killing. (Um, I'm pretty sure we could have come up with that one all on our own, Mia). From CP via the Ceej site:
OTTAWA – Activists from the Canadian Jewish Congress and several other groups lobbied MPs and senators Thursday, urging stronger Canadian action on the issue of Darfur.
They want lawmakers to increase pressure on Sudan to end attacks on civilians in Darfur, and hold free elections and a referendum on secession of the southern part of the country.

They also would like to see Canada offer greater support for the UN mission in the troubled African country.

Benjamin Shinewald, national executive director of the congress, said that doesn’t mean Canadian troops.

”We are focusing today on resources such as transport units, a hospital, medical facilities, utility helicopters and that kind of stuff,” he said.

The delegates also prodded MPs to set up a sub-committee on genocide and crimes against humanity to monitor troubled areas around the world and keep Parliament informed.

As things stand, Shinewald said, vital issues can fall between the cracks of the committee system.

”It can fall to this committee or that committee, it can fall to Foreign Affairs, it can fall to Defence, it can fall to CIDA, it can fall elsewhere,” he said.

”By unifying genocide and crimes against humanity in one committee, it will create an accountability for parliamentarians and the government of Canada to ensure that we take all the steps we can . . . to end ongoing genocides.”...
A "unified genocide committee"--yeah, that should make all the difference.

Update: Ceej honcho BMF (who, for obvious reasons, doesn't read Mark Steyn unless his name happens to be mentioned) tweets about an Obama "achievement":
Obama Signs Daniel Pearl Press Freedom Act Tamara Pearl (pictured) is an officer of CJC Pacific Region


rasp said...

Obama could not bring himself to admit Daniel Pearl was killed, not because he was a journalist, but because he was an American and a Jew.

The Ceej BMF is a freakin' moron.

scaramouche said...

Obama deserves no plaudits from Jews, that's for sure. Even leftish Jewish magazine Moment has noticed that "Relations between Israel and the United States have reached their worst pass since the Eisenhower years, if not ever. The reason seems to be that President Barack Obama wants it that way."

That Farber is prepared to prepared to give props to this president is more evidence (as if any were needed) that he is seriously out to lunch, and unlikely to return from the sushi bar anytime soon--or ever.

muscocamoca said...

Um I think the tweet was for the late Daniel Pearl's sister who as the Tweet explains happens to sit on the CJC board.