Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drama Queers

Jonathan Kay, brave soul, attended the media conference where Pride parade organizers announced that queer purveyors of the Big Lie ("Israeli apartheid") would not get to vent under that banner this year. Kay observes that advocates of the lie promptly mounted their high "free speech" horse (don't they always--right before they shout down someone whose "free speech" they don't like and don't want to hear?)--and fell flat on their faces:
...What they want isn't free speech, but rather the freedom to graft their toxic, unpopular cause (anti-Israeli bigotry) onto a genuinely popular mainstream cause (gay pride), and have taxpayers foot the bill for the operation. They're brand-association parasites, in other words.
From observing QuAIA, it's clear these are people who enjoy the theatrical act of protest.( My favourite protest chant today was "Butch! Femme! Bottom! Top! Israeli Apartheid has to stop!") It makes them feel like they are on the right side of history, and that they have some useful social function to live out as street activists now that the battle for gay rights has been decisively won...
Catchy chant. I prefer this one: "Butch! Femme! Big! Lie! Support Hamas and you will die!"

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