Sunday, May 23, 2010

Despite Ban, Queer Zionhass Remains a Going Concern

Those "kvelling" over the victory over Queers Against Israeli Apartheid had best tone down the celebration--at least for now. According to gay rag Xtra there may not be that much to celebrate:
...Pride Toronto did not return Xtra's requests for clarification but anonymous sources say that only the phrase "Israeli apartheid" is to be banned, not the actual marchers themselves, and that Pride Toronto will hold a press conference on Tuesday.
Writer David Demchuk, one of the first to criticize Pride Toronto's aborted sign vetting policy back in April, says the issues QuAIA has raised remain, whatever label is or is not attached to them. He jokes, "I'm going to start working on my sign: 'Queers Against Apartheid in, You Know, That Country.'"
You do that, Dave, because it proves what an utter blockhead you are, since  "that country" is the only one in the Middle East where queers are actually tolerated. I suggest queers who have a clue counter with signs reading: 'Queers Against Sharia in, You Know, Those Countries.'

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