Friday, May 28, 2010

Queers Still Singling Out Israel

In gay rag Xtra, a queer activist explains why he and others refuse to take the ban on the "Israeli apartheid" banner lying down:

Tim McCaskell, a long-time gay community activist and educator who did attend the protest, and who also participated in Toronto’s earliest Pride marches, vehemently disagrees.
“Any kind of human rights violation affects queers directly, and those struggles have always been present at Pride,” he says.

“If Pepsi can march in Pride, if the Bank of Montreal can march in Pride, if the Canadian fucking military recruitment office can march in Pride, why can’t these queer people with a political agenda – whether you agree with it or not – march in Pride?” says playwright Brad Fraser, spokesman for the newly created Pride Coalition for Free Speech. “Shutting down QuAIA leads to someone else getting shut down next.”
In that case, why are they only protesting "human rights violations" in Israel and not ones in any part of the Muslim world (including those that directly affect queers--and not in a good way--due to Draconian sharia)?

Update: How about protesting the deadly  intolerance/human rights violations in Pakistan, Tim?

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