Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ducks and Wolves in the U.K.

Scotland Yard reports that scads of lads are on the loose, just waiting to unleash some form of jihadi terrorism on unsuspecting individuals. Don't worry, though. The lads are all--now, what's that popular albeit boneheaded phrase the dhimmis are big on again?--oh, yeah, "loners". Quel relief, huh? Just think of the damage they could do if they ever, you know, bonded together under a common totalitarian ideology. Why, they could even topple a skyscraper or two. From the timesonline:
SCOTLAND YARD is preparing to embark on a wide-raging review of the security of all 650 MPs in light of intelligence that lone Muslim “self-radicalisers” may be targeting politicians.
Well-placed police officials said yesterday that the perceived security problem has now extended across all MPs, with the possibility of an attack by a self-radicalised Islamist extremist now being raised in recent intelligence reporting.
The latest intelligence coincides with growing concern in the Metropolitan police and Whitehall about David Cameron’s decision to jettison much of his personal-protection detail and his insisting on walking around and travelling without motorcycle outriders.
Terrorist “chatter” is said to have spiked recently as the England football team prepare for next month’s World Cup finals in South Africa.
But senior security sources say the real threat is also growing closer to home, with individual politicians among high- profile individuals at risk of being singled out for a shooting or stabbing attack similar to that involving Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch film-maker, in 2004.
Richard Kemp, former chairman of Whitehall’s Cobra intelligence committee, said he was aware of information being circulated last week about an attack by a loner.
“This is the sort of tactic which we can expect to see more often. In terms of impact, it’s better to go for a public figure. But it’s a low-level tactic which is much more difficult to detect because there is no requirement for a cell to organise this. So the chances of being able to identify and interdict such an attack are very slim.”...
The most bollocksy phrase in the article: "self-radicaliser". As if jihad is a DIY affair. As if there aren't plenty of others working behind the scenes to "radicalise" him and set him on his deadly path; as if his isn't being influenced by holy warriors who've blazed the trail.

Memo to high-profile individuals at risk: You had better hire yourselves a platoon of armed guards, because Scotland Yard is signaling that you're a sitting duck, and it can do nothing to protect you. (Funny how the Brits are so phlegmatic about the possibility of jihadis offing their MPs but blow a gasket when, say, a jihadi is iced in Dubai.)

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