Friday, May 21, 2010

The NYRB's Moral Failure

The New York Review of Books espies a "moral" failure of Jewry--the ones who support Israel, that is. The real failure, of course--both moral and political--is the left's, which has
  • turned a blind eye to the jihad;
  • turned its back on Jewry and Israel and alligned itself with the worst despots and human rights violators on the planet (because they hail from the Third World, which is "virtuous" by virtue of its not being part of the "imperialistic" First World); and
  • played a pivotal role in the re-emergence/metastasization of Jew-hate in its modern guise, i.e. Zionhass.
Shame on the NYRB. And shame on all the shamelessly self-righteous/clueless.

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