Monday, May 23, 2011

Barack the Inscrutable

David Solway tries to decipher the riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma:
[I]t is difficult to say what motivates Obama. Is he simply out of his depth, a foolish and unprepared chief executive who has absolutely no idea of statecraft and no understanding of the geopolitical forces constantly at work in the international arena? Is he a driven but ignorant idealist who scarcely touches the real world even at a tangent?
Or is he, on the contrary, fully aware of what he is doing? Does he harbor a covert and possibly ominous purpose, predicated on the subversion of the nation state itself?


Julie Culshaw said...

For an interesting hypothesis on Obama, I would suggest reading The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh DeSouza. DeSouza explains Obama in terms of his father's son, a man obsessed with destroying America, the last great colonial nation.

Carlos Perera said...

I vote for option two.